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Transportation Management Association

The BWI Business Partnership was founded in 1985 as the Greater BWI Commuter Assistance Center — Maryland’s first Transportation Management Association (TMA). The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) recognizes the BWI Business Partnership (named changed in 1993) as one of the oldest transportation management associations in the United States. 

Established through a 6 member public /private partnership, who also funded its initial work, founding members were: National Security Agency/Ft. Meade, Anne Arundel County, the Maryland Department of Transportation, Northrop Grumman, and two commercial developers.  Five of those charter members continue to serve on our Board as Charter Directors. 


The Partnership is designated by Anne Arundel County as the transportation management association for northern and western Anne Arundel County. Previously The Partnership received federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) improvement funding through the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)/Anne Arundel County for the coordination of ride-sharing activities for over 15 years.  This funding was a yearly grant that was applied for by Anne Arundel County, and then divided between the Partnership and the Annapolis Regional Transportation Management Association (ARTMA).    In 2011, the Partnership was named “Outstanding TMA of the Year” by ACT, in recognition of its work on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) movement to Ft. George G. Meade, and its diversity of programs.   

Our transportation mission, affirmed by our Board in 2013, is: to serve needs of employers, commuters and residents, through a strong and integrated program of advocacy, education, and services by promoting and enhancing the transportation system in Central Maryland and its connectivity beyond the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) are non-profit, public/private partnerships that have been established to provide commuter services and information. They are organized groups applying carefully selected approaches to facilitating the movement of people and goods within an area. Specific services are tailored to the needs of the geographical area served.  TMAs give members a voice in local, and statewide transportation decision-making, and promote carpool, vanpool, shuttles and public transit services. They also advocate for transportation projects and infrastructure that benefits the area or region they serve.  

TMAs tend to be located in areas where there are large concentrations of employers. TMAs have been successfully formed in downtown areas and suburban employment centers. More recently, TMAs have been initiated in rural areas, across regions, and along congested roadway corridors during disruptive construction projects.  TMA’s may form to address transportation concerns unique to an industry: such as, airports, hospitals, and universities.

They pool the resources of many employers (or communities) thereby increasing their impact. 

They provide a way for businesses to help solve their local transportation challenges. 

They facilitate public and private entities to work together.

They implement programs to alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality.

TMA’s across the U.S. are funded through a variety of sources. These include: membership dues and/or assessments (per square feet or number of employees), fees for services, parking revenues, developer fees, Common Area Maintenance fees, yearly grants or multi-year support from federal, state or local governments, private foundations, and individual contributions. 

Selected Activities of The Partnership TMA

The Partnership offers transportation information and advocacy for commuters and member-employers throughout the service area. Through additional funding sources, The Partnership is able to focus on more comprehensive transportation demand management efforts with major employer or employment centers including the Ft. Meade/NSA – BWI Marshall Airport – Arundel Mills/Live! Casino & Hotel area.   

Services offered to businesses and government agency partners include: 

  • Development of and participation in employer-based commuter activities. 
  • Development of individualized plans for specifically targeted employee groups.   
  • Professional marketing to employees and employers, including outreach and commuter events.   
  • Perform market research on commuting needs, used as a basis for coordination and advocacy for enhanced services.
  • Advice and counsel for employee transportation programs
  • Shuttle management and administration
  • Specialized employee and circulator shuttles, e.g. County Connector Shuttle. Former programs include: MeadeRide; MillsRide; Wegmans; the Defense Information Systems Agency; BWI Marshall Sunday Sunrise Shuttle; Work on Wheels (WOW) an employee shuttle from Baltimore City to Howard County;  NSA’s LINK shuttle between the BWI Business District and Ft. Meade/NSA on behalf of NSA and other local employers, and other shuttles, funded by Anne Arundel County to connect train stations to NSA and other worksites.
  • Coordination with Commuter Choice Maryland and Commuter Connections for Ridesharing, Vanpools and Guaranteed Ride Home programs
  • Work closely with transit and transportation providers and planners to represent employer and employee needs and brokering solutions.
  • Liaison with transit providers on behalf of employees and employers in route planning and schedules.