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Apr 22

Virtual Speaker Series - William Doyle, Executive Director Maryland Port Administration

Meet the new Executive Director for the MD Port Administration as he shares his vision and update on the continued growth along with the technology being utilized at the Port of Baltimore

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Apr 28

T3 - Kevin Quinn, MDOT MTA Administrator & Holly Arnold, MDOT MTA Deputy Administrator

Join us for a discussion on the process of the implementation of the Central MD Regional Transit Plan, the transit readiness resource guide, transit corridor feasibility studies and transit network improvements.

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May 4

In Person Roundtable Networking

Join us for our first in person networking event (limited capacity) of the year! All attendees must wear masks, practice social distancing and bring signed COVID form* to the event. Bottled water and our famous granola bars will be served. Please feel fr

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May 12

Virtual Speaker's Series - MD Treasurer Nancy Kopp

Join us for an update on the State's budget and priorities from Maryland's 23rd State Treasurer since the adoption of the Constitution of 1851. Ms. Kopp will also share her perspective as a woman leader, who is the second woman ever to serve as Maryland's

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Jun 3

Annual Meeting & Award Ceremony

Celebrate the Partnership's 35th Anniversary and Awards Ceremony outside the Benson Hammond House We can't wait to see you in person!

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Quarterly Update - April 2021



The BWI Community Development Foundation (also known as "The Partnership Foundation") is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2010 to support and fund community development projects, with special emphasis on communities in the Central Maryland Region.

Our focus areas are: transportation, workforce development, education and training opportunities, economic development, and support for military members and their families.



Steve Carroll - Miles & Stockbridge

Fred Delavan - Delavan & Powers

Linda Greene (Foundation Vice-Chair/Treasurer)

Sam Minnitte - WSP USA

Stephanie Carrona - St. John Properties

Zachary M. Cochran -  Cochran Coaching LLC


Lou Zagarino - Whitehall Management (Foundation President)

Gina Stewart – The BWI Business Partnership (Foundation Executive Director)

Ronny Nadiv - The BWI Business Partnership (Foundation Secretary)





For more information, please call: (410) 859-1000




County Connector County Connector
Fully funded by the Anne Arundel Local Development Council, the County Connector shuttle connects workforce, job-seekers, and residents to BWI Marshall Airport, Live! Casino & Hotel, Arundel Mills Mall, and BWI MARC/Amtrak stations, to effectively access employment opportunities in this area.



Fully funded by the Anne Arundel County Local Development Council, the Roadside Beautification Program involves the collection, removal and disposal of trash within a three (3) mile radius of Live! Casino & Hotel, particularly the immediate areas along Arundel Mills Boulevard and Arundel Mills Mall. The BWI Community Development Foundation has also contracted the installation of decorative landscape and maintenance of planted parcels in this area.

Roadside Beautification Roadside Beautification Roadside Beautification