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Jun 9

Leading the Counties (PANEL)

A panel discussion with the leaders of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, and Howard Counties about the state and future of each.

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Jun 10


This FREE webinar will discuss how to successfully institute a responsible return-to-work strategy during the phases of reopening.

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Jun 16

Weekly Roundtable - MEMBERS Only

Connect with other Partnership members during this FREE virtual roundtable!

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Jun 18

YPG Virtual Happy Hour

Join the Young Professionals Group for Happy Hour Networking - Beverages are on the House!

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Jun 23

Weekly Roundtable - MEMBERS Only

Connect with other Partnership members during this FREE virtual roundtable!

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April 2020 Print

Letter from the Executive Director

dear members:

I have been missing you and thinking of you, your loved ones, and your colleagues and clients. The last month and a half has been busy at the BWI Business Partnership, as we moved quickly to disseminate pertinent information to our members and continued to facilitate connections within the membership. These elements are essential to our wellbeing and businesses during this time, and I trust you have been able take advantage of the value provided to you as a member. 

This pandemic has posed significant challenges to everyone on all levels: emotional, physical, and financial. Many of your businesses have had to make devastating decisions in order to survive, and many others have stepped up in the most admirable ways to help those in need. 

As an expression of gratitude to our members and to do our part in assisting during these times, The Partnership is extending all memberships* by three (3) months. Effective May 1st, every member now has an additional 3 months tacked onto their existing membership, and renewal payments will not be due until then. We hope you will find this helpful and that it will allow you to continue to participate in our members-only events as well as public programs with lower rates for members.

Recognizing that you have most likely experienced a barrage of communication from us and other organizations, all sharing various changes and updates, I understand that you may have missed some of the Partnership’s new offerings; it is for that reason that I am providing you with this update. Our programming has evolved to incorporate the following:

  • A new Virtual Speaker Series, which includes networking prior to a keynote presentation

  • Our Transportation Think Tank (T3) Series transitioned into an online webinar format

  • Beginning May 5th, we are also launching weekly virtual roundtables that are FREE for members

  • This Friday will see the return of our monthly Young Professionals Group roundtables (virtually) 

  • We are also adding a monthly YPG Virtual Happy Hour

As time passes and we begin to better understand what the reopening of Maryland will look like, we may need to make further changes to our membership structure. But we will remain transparent and communicate with you regularly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our hope is that this new incentive will provide some relief to you and your businesses, and that we will all emerge from this stronger and more resilient.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you soon!




*Please note, this extension does not pertain to Annual Sponsorships; our Partners were sent a separate email last week, outlining how their existing benefits apply to our current offerings.

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Partnership Foundation Update

The BWI Business Partnership manages the Roadside Beautification Program, a project fully funded by the Anne Arundel County Local Development Council.

In anticipation of receiving grant funding for FY2021, the BWI Business Partnership is now accepting proposals for environmental and landscaping services on roadways within a three (3) mile radius of Live! Casino & Hotel.  General Scope of Work includes:

  1. Collection, removal and disposal of roadway trash.
  2. Grass mowing and trimming of specific roadways.
  3. Installation of decorative landscape and maintenance of planted parcels in this area.

Program information and submission requirements can be found HERE.

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