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Dec 14

Comptroller Peter Franchot

The 33rd Comptroller of Maryland will share insight about the changes to federal tax laws and what that means for the state tax code

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Apr 19

John Lenzini, Maryland Jockey Club

A discussion about the history & impact of horse racing on the region, as well as the evolution of the industry to better appeal to younger generations.

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The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Aviation Administration, along with its industry partners, are reaching out to 50 Baltimore City youth to take them inside of one of the most fascinating workplaces in the world, a major metropolitan airport. For one week, they will be immersed in the day-to-day excitement of flight operations, airport security, transportation, and business.

The goal is to provide young minds with the unique opportunity to experience, up close and personal, the wide range of jobs and potential careers that the world of commercial aviation and transportation has to offer.

Participants will enjoy unprecedented access to BWI Marshall Airport and other facilities where they will see and do things the average passenger or visitor never gets to experience. With guides and mentors by their side every step ofthe way, they will literally explore the airport, inside and out. From this exceptional vantage point they will see and learn about the people and the variety of jobs necessary to make BWI Marshall Airport operate.

The program will be activity-driven to keep participants engaged and interested. They will go out on the airfield, observe air operations, visit the fire rescue facility and airport security training facilities, climb aboard the huge equipment used for snow removal, and directly interact with the people who do a variety of interesting jobs every day. In addition, BWI Marshall Airport is engaging its transportation partners at the Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies, and the hospitality industry to expose the range of career opportunities related to transportation and tourism.


A key component of the program will be the close interaction between program partner chaperones and campers as well as a series of speakers from diverse backgrounds including airline pilots and other professionals. It is here where the young people will hear about the importance of staying in school, hard work, commitment, and the personal discipline required to achieve one’s dream of working in an exciting and challenging environment.

This will be an exciting, interactive week at BWI Marshall Airport as 50 young minds enjoy what could be a life-changing experience. We look forward to your participation and support. Just imagine the possibilities!