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Dec 14

Comptroller Peter Franchot

The 33rd Comptroller of Maryland will share insight about the changes to federal tax laws and what that means for the state tax code

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Apr 19

John Lenzini, Maryland Jockey Club

A discussion about the history & impact of horse racing on the region, as well as the evolution of the industry to better appeal to younger generations.

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August 6-10 Program


• One week program: (Monday-Friday) August 6th thru August 10th, 2018
• Participants are between the ages of 10 and 14
• Participants are selected from five (5) Baltimore City recreation centers representing a cross section of the city, with a maximum of fifty (50) total participants to attend the Summer Youth Initiative
• BWI Marshall Airport will provide daily transportation from/to each recreation center
• BWI Marshall Airport and partners will provide daily breakfast, lunch and snacks


Partners coordinating and operating the Summer Youth Initiative days:




Participating Recreation Centers:

Solo Gibbs
Cecil Kirk
Samuel FB Morris
Robert C. Marshall

Each recreation center will provide one (1) leader to serve as a chaperone for that center’s participants who will remain with them throughout the duration of the program


All itineraries have been developed by the partner organizations and provided to BWI Marshall Airport for approval.

7:30am -- Participants board BWI Marshall Airport buses from the respective recreation centers

8:30am -- Students arrive at the day's location for breakfast and welcome.

9:45am -- Partnering organization begins the day’s itinerary of breakout sessions, demonstrations, tours, speakers, etc.

12:00pm or 1:00pm -- Lunch will be served on location (exact time to be determined by partnering organization)

4:00pm -- Wrap-up session 

4:30pm -- Buses return students to their home recreation centers (anticipated arrival no later than 5:00 p.m.).